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Ed Hardy ('EH') represented a challenge as when the License was obtained Gary Berman had already sold the EDG business and all Head Office employees went over to Macquarie Bank. So Gary Berman was the sole employee when he purchased the first order of EH Inventory and secured the first 2 locations.

Using a small group of external consultants the focus geared around the following, all occurring simultaneously:

1. Store Design
2. Brand Creation
3. Product
4. Systems
5. Physical Warehouse & Distribution
6. People
7. Digital and Social Media
8. Bank Finance

In a period of 4 months the following was achieved :

  • Stores designed
  • Stores costed and Built out
  • Initial order 'Beefed-up' to cater for Xmas trading
  • Warehouse Established
  • POS system selected
  • Inventory system selected and over 1000 SKU’s entered
  • Accounting system set up
  • Inventory cleared through customs
  • Store Planagrams prepared
  • PR, Promotions, Digital Media and Social Media were put in place to ensure a successful launch. The “ buzz “ created via social media before the first store opened had a significant positive impact
  • Launch event created ( street closed off for a street party) to ensure maximum press and exposure
  • Bank financing / facility negotiated and established
  • Local celebrities brought on board as brand ambassadors
  • GM’s and staff of stores hired and trained
  • Hired Warehouse GM and staff, Controller and staff, PR, Wholesale GM
  • BOTH stores opened on time and in plenty of time for Christmas
  • Wholesale business set up in time for next seasons orders
  • E Commerce Website established.

20 Stores and 6 'stores within stores' were opened in Australia.